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The Black Women's Health Alliance, the new name of the Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project, was established by 100 Philadelphia women who attended the First National Conference on Black Women's Health Issues in Atlanta, Georgia in 1983.


The ladies recognized that the "voices" of African-American women were largely unheard in the Philadelphia health community and mobilized their efforts to establish the Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project as the "voice."


In 2004, the name of the Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project was changed to "Black Women's Health Alliance." The Black Women's Health Alliance continues the legacy as the "voice" of African-American women in the Philadelphia health community.


The Philadelphia Black Women’s Health Alliance works to improve health care outcomes and reduce
health disparities for African American and other minority women and their families through advocacy,
education, research and support services.


To be the premier advocacy, health education and training organization that serves women of color
and their families, while promoting and supporting their interest, education and training in the health
professions to further reduce health disparities.

Value Based Principles

  • Diverse and Inclusive

  • Empowering and Self-sustaining Approaches

  • Ethically and Morally Guided

  • Excellence Beyond Expectations

  • Responsive to Present and Emerging Needs

  • Relentless Resolve to Realize the Elimination of and/or Reduction Of Health Disparities among Women of Color and Their Families

Who we are...

Our Executive Director

Brenda Shelton-Dunston, MPH

Our Board Members



Patricia Lyda-Stewart, MSW


Imani Badie, AS, BS

Community Support Specialist, North Philadelphia Health System


Jacqueline Harris, Esq.

Attorney at Law


Jovida Hill

Executive Director, Philadelphia Commission for Women

Lorina Marshall-Blake

President, Independence Blue Cross Foundation

Vice President, Community Relations


Jeanice M. Salter, CPA

Chief Executive Officer
Mercy Douglass Human Service Affiliate
Property Management


Virginia Smith, Ph.D.

Professor, Lincoln University



Our Team


Sondra Brown -  Administrative Assistant

Theda Parker - Programs Coordinator

Joyce Miller, CPA–
Bookkeeper / Accountant


Leroy Ambrose, MS – Parenting, Supporting our Sisters Parenting Leadership

Kamal Bostic-Smith, - Safe Dates Teen Dating Violence, Kids Don’t Gamble Wanna Bet?, 

Alexis Forth, BS  -  Girls Circle, Peers Making Peace, Safe Dates Teen Dating Violence

Amirah Kapetulah-Roney,  - Gambling Away The Golden Years, Kids Don’t Gamble, Wanna Bet?, Safe Dates

Pamela Powell, RN – Co-facilitator: Prime Time Sister Circle

Patricia Robinson-Burns, MSW – Parenting, Gambling Away the Golden Years, Leadership

Barbara Washington, MPH –  Prime Time Sister Circle


Ruby Davis, MPH – Nutrition Expert, Prime Time Sister Circle

Helena Fontes, D.Min., BCC – Stress Management Expert, Prime Time Sister Circle

Melanie Marchand, MBA – Fitness Expert, Prime Time Sister Circle


Hanan Ahmed, BS Swarthmore College

Kaira Brickhouse, BS Temple University

Shanice Campbell, MPH Temple University

Zeeherah Eugene, BS West Chester University

LaiQuannah Hassan, BS Temple University

Fatima Jackson, MPH La Salle University

Yaslyn Lora, MPH Temple University

Audretta Parker, BS Temple University

Alexandra Pierre, BS Temple University

Lauren Satchell, MPH Emory University

Kenna Yadeta, MPH Drexel University

Brittany Young, BS Temple University


Brandon Booth

Gertrude Carter

Frances Conwell

Donna Mathews

Sonya Poaches

Cheryl Robbins

Brittany Smith

Gladys Thomas

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